Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She started to grow up. While she was growing up, she discovered this lovely thing called Live Journaland started using it. Pretty soon, she started making user icons for it as well. She didn't just make user icons for herself, she decided to make then for other people too.

To make her icons, she now uses a trial version of Photoshop and captures the images with a screen capture program called Grabber 2K. Grabber 2K is free, so she didn't have to pay anything to start making her icons. As a rule, LJ icons must be 100 x 100 pixels or less in size and under 40 Kb in .jpg or .gif format. She likes .jpg better than .gif, so that's what she uses.

When she first started, she used Microsoft Paint. Then she moved on to an online version of Photoshop before acquring the tools she uses today.

As she's grown, she's gotten better at making icons. It's become easy to tell what her early work was and what her later work is. She's constantly working and if you have a request (or want one of the icons from the site), e-mail her - she'll at least consider it. Most of what she does is done with anime and text.

Some of what she's done remains unclaimed, so feel free to peruse the collection and see what piques your interest.

Early Work
Current Pieces
For Me

All icons were created by L.T. and are copyrighted. 2001

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